Surfside/Stateside Promo Event

Hartley & Parker Limited, Inc., added a new canned cocktail offering from the makers of Stateside Urbancraft Vodka. The Philadelphia-based distillery offers its award-winning vodka in Surfside Iced Tea + Vodka cocktails, sold in 4-packs and a variety 8-pack, 4.5% ABV. All Surfside Iced Tea + Vodka flavors are made with Stateside Urbancraft Vodka, with just 100 calories per can and are noncarbonated, ready to pour over ice or served chilled. The vodka is distilled seven times from all American corn, is certified gluten-free and Orthodox Union Kosher, and contains no sugar or additives. Using the highest-quality distillate, the vodka undergoes a unique filtration process, which includes a 24-hour infusion of medical-grade oxygen, activated carbon filtration and subzero micro-filtration. The proofing water, which makes up 58% of all 80-proof vodkas, is carefully filtered using reverse osmosis and then re-mineralized with electrolytes. The result is an incomparably smooth vodka now in ready-for-summer iced tea canned cocktails in four flavors: Ice Tea + Vodka , Lemonade + Vodka, Peach Tea + Vodka and Ice Tea +Lemonade + Vodka.


Jun 25 2024


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm